Brief Advertising Profile of the Magazine CZECH MUSIC QUARTERLY
The magazine Czech Music Quarterly brings its subscribers all over the world information about Czech classical music in English. Its readers are educated people with a serious interest in Czech music that is demonstrated by their very decision to subscribe to the magazine. We base our appeal on a reputation built up over many years and the high standard of the articles in the magazine.
The magazine Czech Music Quarterly is sent out to more than 250 university libraries with a musical orientation in Europe and the USA. The magazine Czech Music Quarterly is taken by the most important European music agencies, festivals and promoters of contemporary music. The magazine Czech Music Quarterly comes out in a print run of 500 copies, approximately 400 copies being sent to subscribers and the rest being distributed by direct sales.


Formats and DimensionsFormats
(width and height in mm)
1/1 – bleed size – 180 x 245
1/2 P – bleed size – 90 x 245 (vertical)
1/2 L – bleed size – 180 x 122 (horizontal)
1/3 P – bleed size – 60 x 245 (vertical)
1/3 L – bleed size – 180 x 82 (horizontal)

Black + spot colour, changing with each issue.
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Advertising Price List:
1/1 (back side of cover)              23 000 CZK
1/1 (front inside page of cover)   19 000 CZK
1/1 (back inside page of cover)   17 000 CZK
1/1 (inside magazine)                14 000 CZK
1/2 (inside magazine)                 9 000 CZK
1/3 (inside magazine)                 6 000 CZK


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Monika Havlová
Czech Music Quarterly
Management & Production
Tel: +420 776 670 982