Czech Music Quarterly is an established English-language magazine exploring the stirring universe of remarkable Czech classical and contemporary music. The magazine focuses on various aspects of the Czech music scene from classical to independent, bringing fresh information for both music professionals and the broad musical public. It offers studies on Czech Music, interviews and portraits of Czech composers and performers, reviews, and coverage of major events, all written by leading musicologists in an attractive style.

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Recent issue contents: 2019/3

An offer of well articulated silence
– an interview with director Jiří Adámek

by Ian Mikyska

10th Ostrava days – An alliance between the old avant-garde and today´s enthusiasm

by Boris Klepal

Jan Blahoslav 1569 Musica as a facsimile

by Jan Kouba

The german edition of Tomislav Volek´s selected writings: A historian´s perspective

by Jiří Pešek

Czech Music Every Day
– Events at home and abroad in the summer of 2019

by Barbora Vacková

The quarter-tone trumpet: A czech idea

by Dale Marrs

Antonín Rejcha the experimentalist

by Dina Šnejdarová