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Recent issue contents: 2019/4

Componere — Putting Together
Miroslav Pudlák on his new CD and the transformations of the musical scene

by Matěj Kratochvíl

Milan Knížák Sub Rosa
A new LP with string quartets by Czech visual artist Milan Knížák is published in Belgium

by Petr Ferenc

MusicOlomouc 2019: All the Colours of the Piano

by Jan Borek

Sixth-tone Music and Tight Deadlines
Miroslav Beinhauer and premieres of pieces by Alois Hába

by Boris Klepal

Martin Daněk: The Oboe is Still a Great Mystery

by Dita Hradecká

Czech Music Every Day – Events at home and abroad in the summer of 2019

by Barbora Vacková

Bohemian Connections in the New Catalogue of Works by Antonio Vivaldi

by Lukáš M. Vytlačil